Download: David Atlas’ resume

David S. Atlas, a noted jewelry and gem expert, celebrated 55 years of experience in 2022. For over five decades, he has combined his real-world and industry experience with education from his father, GIA, ISA, ASA, AGS, and NAJA, to offer the best in jewelry consultation services, appraisals, and advice on diamonds, colored gems, precious metals, and jewelry.

David began his jewelry career in 1967 with his family firm, founded in 1898. He can assist you in making smart decisions when insuring, buying, selling, divorcing, and inheriting precious jewelry and gems. The right course of action is to minimize insurance costs and taxes while maximizing any potential benefits.

David S. Atlas offers technical forensic services when needed, such as when there is a question of the origin of damage or differences of opinion that create worry and concern. He is also available as a consumer advocate, offering experienced advice, service, and discretion.

David is an Associate Director of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, the largest jewelry-only appraisal organization in the USA and the world. He was also the Chairman of Ethical Issues for this Association for over 25 years and is now Chairman Emeritus of Ethical Issues. He created their Certification tests and graded all advancement exams until 2019. As of 2020, NAJA Education is online and automated.

Expert Gemologist