Jewelry Appraisals for Divorce Settlements

From watches to diamond rings and colored gems, appraisals for divorce can be stressful and complicated. David S. Atlas provides expert jewelry appraisals for divorce settlements to the Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Delmarva Maryland region.  All parties deserve and demand a fair assessment of these assets. We believe the jewelry in the divorce settlement should be assessed at a correct value. With over 50 years of experience, we provide you with reliable jewelry appraisals for your divorce settlement.

We prefer to work for both parties.  This allows for less legal expenses and more agreeable outcomes.

Whether we work under a mutual agreement, the divorce appraisals for the jewelry will be based upon unbiased, expert knowledge.  

Division of Marital Assets –Jewelry

An appraisal for jewelry is usually required before individuals or a court can divide the marital assets due to the need to know the worth or value of the asset. Depending on the state, jewelry received as a gift post marriage can be considered marital property. Because this jewelry is marital property, both parties have a right to portion of its value. However, some jewelry, such as engagement rings, are usually not considered part of marital assets. The timing in which the jewelry is acquired has a big impact on whether it is considered a marital asset. Let your attorney give you the proper advice!

Appraisals for the division of jewelry in a divorce settlement can be a tedious, time consuming process—let us take the stress off your hands!  David S. Atlas is an experienced jewelry consultant qualified to provide you with appraisals for divorce settlements. Contact us at or call 215-385-0258.