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A directly quoted comment from a consumer / purchaser of an ASET and Ideal-Scope. April 2017

“I used the ASET, Ideal-Scope, and LED loupe and what a difference it made in my evaluation of diamonds at a local retailer I’ve already visited a few times. None of the diamonds they were trying to sell me, a few being Forevermark black labels H&A’s, came close to ideal light performance. In fact, the rep stated that in 22 years, I was the first person to ask for the ASET scope and to even bring my own viewing tools. She even played with them herself. And I was able to take decent photos with my iPhone. I’m happy with my choice to invest in the ASET and ideal scopes.   Thank you!”

We say:  These are small investments in obtaining a lifetime of enjoyment with a fantastic diamond.  If you want to make your purchase a safe one and an no-regret long term choice, then you need these tools.