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Don’t dump your gold, silver and platinum at the street-side buyer!!

Many people have thousands of dollars worth of precious metal jewelry, flatware and holloware in their homes that gets virtually no use, yet these high value assets are at risk for loss.  If you are insuring them, the last thing you will want are replacements of items you never use and every year you pay out premiums to cover their loss.  Why?  Wouldn’t you be far better off selling unused and pretty much unwanted and unappreciated items that cost you needless expense to insure, put you more at risk for crime, and risk losing substantial dollars that you might have easily obtained without suffering any harm or pain?

If you have theft of precious items, you will never replace the sentimental attachment you might have for the lost items.  In this regard, no amount of insurance truly covers such losses.  Wouldn’t it be better for you and your heirs to consider selling off assets of substantial value that will only make your estate a much more complex matter than money in the bank or normal stocks and bonds?  I have seen many older folks get a far greater pleasure by helping out their children and grandchildren now, rather than after they have passed away.  The smiles and seeing how your gift has been received can give you much real pleasure that you would miss if you waited until it was an inheritance.

For younger potential sellers, we understand that many older items of jewelry are just not at all in fashion and will never come back in style.  The world has changed since 1960 and it is not going back, but rapidly forward to some new future and fashion period.  You may have items you want to sell, but simply going to the convenient store with the “WE BUY GOLD” banner out front is likely the worst way to sell.  Please look at our gold prices and compare to your local buyer BEFORE YOU DECIDE.  You often can double what some “buyers” offer to pay the public if you are well informed.

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