Ideal and Average cut quality CZ’s




Two specially selected Cubic Zirconia gems.  Each CZ will be 6.0 to 6.5mm diameter.   They do not match in appearance and may not be the same exact diameter, but you can use them to train your eye to use Ideal or ASET Scopes..

Your Ideal-Scope or ASET Scope will identify the better of the two for cut quality.  These CZ’s are great for practice with your new tools.  Smart consumers can demonstrate to retailers how easy it is to select really great looking and well cut diamonds in spite of tricky store lighting..

You  do not need to be a scientist or engineer to understand how easy it is to find and buy a well cut diamond.  There are visual differences between well cut diamonds and less well cut ones that can be easily seen with correct use of an Ideal-Scope or an ASET Scope.