Professional Gem Loupes 10X and 30X


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These loupes are all metal with fused triplet glass optics.  18mm 30x diameter and while most 10x are now 21mm diameter.   Some are chrome plated, others are black painted.  They all work exactly the same.  We shop the market to get the best available value regardless of diameter, painted or plated surface color.  You will have these for a lifetime of use.

The 10x is suitable for any industry professional to examine and grade diamonds and  colored gems.

The 30x is excellent for detection of the smallest of inclusions and allows easy reading of any size laser inscription.

Select either one or both.  The 10x is $12 and the 30x is $15.  Order both for $26. 

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Choose 10x, 30x or both loupes

10x Loupe, 30x Loupe, Both Loupes