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Appraisal Services

D. Atlas - Jewelry Appraiser

Insurance Replacement and Damage Claims




Disputed Valuation

Liquidation appraisals.

Independent Appraisals
Services for:  Consumers, heirs, trustees, dealers & retailers  by appointment. Call David Atlas, 215-385-0258 or email

Appraisal review
We’ll look at appraisal and grading documents that are under dispute or doubted. With our years of experience and substantial time spent teaching appraising to fellow gemologists, we are qualified to render opinions on the appraisal products of fellow professional appraisers when the need arises.

Origin of damage
How and when did my diamond break? Was there inherent vice? Was my ring made improperly? What happened to the color of my emerald?


Sample Appraisal Report
Click the image below to open a sample Atlas appraisal report.
Sample appraisal report icon

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