Ideal and Average cut quality CZ comparison boxed set for the professional and retailer.




Two specially selected Cubic Zirconia gems in a presentation box.  Each two stone set will be either a pair of 6.50mm rounds.  Cut quality shows one looking larger than the other, but both are exactly the same diameter.  (The well cut one will look larger to every observer)  This displays the “Looks Like” measurement process of the Holloway Cut Adviser process known by many folks as “The HCA”.


Both Ideal-Scope or ASET Scope will readily identify the better of these two CZ’s for cut quality.  These CZ’s are great for demonstrating the characteristics and appearance of a well cut diamonds.   This handsome presentation box along with these simple and inexpensive stones will give consumers increased confidence in making an informed selection. 


As a retailer, you will have very little technical information to transmit.  The visual images tell the story very well and very efficiently.  Your customers do not need to be scientists or engineers to understand how easy it is to find and buy a well cut diamond right in your store.